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Educational and Personalized Place Mats

Recently I’ve been trying to come up with fun ways to help our youngest feel special about starting Kindergarten.  She remembers when her brother was in Kindergarten at a private school and all the fun things they did so my goal is to keep her from feeling like she’s missing out on something.  So far I’ve put together a bag of brand new school supplies including crayons, markers, play-doh, a spiral notebook and her very own ruler.  We didn’t really need any new school supplies this year except for maybe the ruler, but I have very fond memories about getting new supplies each year when I was a child.  There’s just something about opening a brand new box of crayons that I love.

Below are pictures of my project from last week.  These are jumbo-sized place mats I made for each child to do their written work on.  I simply used some 11×14 sheets of colorful poster board and some larger sheets of plexiglass from Hobby Lobby.  Then I laid out everything how I wanted it and let the children write their own names on a strip of paper to give it a personal look.  Once everything was taped how I wanted it I simply taped the poster board to the back side of the plexiglass.

Our Kindergartener’s place mat

Our second grader’s place mat

What do you think?  Too much work or a nice place mat that can be re-done for each school year?

P.S. I know it’s difficult to tell, but the numbers 0-9 at the top of both place mats are their touch math reminders.  If you click on the pictures you should be able to see a larger version to see everything more clearly.

***UPDATE*** May 4, 2013
After 8 months of using these place mats I’ve realized the plexiglass just doesn’t hold up.  Our daughter’s has several cracks in the middle from her pressing down a bit too hard (possibly when something was underneath it?), plus a couple of the corners have chipped off.  I think laminating the whole thing would have held up better.

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