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Real Life… Teaching Around the Mess

real life mess3Have you ever been told, “Oh you homeschool?  You must be really neat and organized.” Or perhaps you heard the popular, “I could never homeschool, I’m to scatter-brained.”

Anyone who truly knows me will understand the word “organized” doesn’t really fit me. Yes, I like to have a plan, but living with children means life is rarely organized.

Since so many blogs focus on the seemingly perfect lives of homeschoolers, I’m creating a Real Life series. This series of posts will focus on the un-organized and somewhat messy aspects of our homeschooling life.

Something to keep in mind while reading the Real Life… series. Our children are allowed to do their school work wherever they are most comfortable as long as they are actually working. Often they will choose to sit on the couch or sprawl out on the floor to do their work.

real life mess4  real life mess2

The above pictures are of the kitchen bar. It seems to constantly be a cluttered mess of finished artwork, Sunday school papers, and just-for-fun drawings. Though we do the majority of our lessons in the living room, the kitchen bar is where most of the paperwork and art projects end up.

I try to clear off the lower counter once a week, but life is busy and this is low on my priorities. Since we’re on a 6 weeks on, 3 days off cycle for our lessons, the children’s work area is cleaned and straightened roughly every 6 weeks.

real life mess5

This last picture is a glimpse of how our living room floor looks most week days. I’d like to be able to tell you it’s back to normal on the weekends, but this post is about being open and honest.

I usually stack up the books at the end of each day just so no one steps on them. More often than not the stack of books aren’t put away at all unless we’re expecting company.

I’m sure I’m not the only homeschooling mom who teaches around the mess. In addition to the clutter of homeschool books and papers, there are mounds of clean clothes waiting to be folded, a floor waiting to be vacuumed, and the list goes on.

I am unorganized, but the children are learning despite my imperfections.

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My Home – My World Project

Recently I was browsing Pinterest and came across this neat project for children.  It’s a little booklet that starts off with the smallest circle being My Home.  Each page takes things one step further and a bit larger.  The other pages are: My Street, My City, My State, My Country, My Continent, and ending with My World.

This project was a combined effort of both our children and myself.  Our youngest who is only 4 years old placed most of the stickers throughout the book and drew the grass on the My Street page.  Our son who is 6 drew the trees on the first two pages, drew the flag on the My Country page and colored the world.  They both seemed to really enjoy deciding what should go on each page and selecting which stickers to use.

I've edited out our street name for privacy.

What appears as a white spot is a dolphin sticker.

The stickers you can't see are an elephant where Tuscaloosa is and a tiger for where Auburn is.

God Bless the USA

North America


On the back of each page is a list of 3-5 facts about that page. Some of the pages were easier than others to come up with these facts. For the My State page I listed the state capital, state bird & flower and the state nicknames (Heart of Dixie or Cotton State for Alabama). To the left is the My Street page facts. Overall the project was fun for all of us and I plan to use it as a learning tool in the future. 🙂

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