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Our Curriculum Plan for the 2013-2014 School Year

I wrote this post back in June, but due to vacations and summer events I’m just now getting around to posting it.

Since our children finished kindergarten and second grade I’ve been preparing their curriculum for the upcoming school year.  My husband and I believe in year-round education (because learning never really stops) but we still take several weeks off at the beginning of the summer so I have time to plan for the next stages.

I follow a loose schedule of teaching our children in 6 week sessions; taking 3-5 days off in between with a longer break at Christmas time.

1stgradecurriculumThis may sound like I’m pushing our children too hard, but we don’t do every subject every day. Instead we spend more time doing the things they are interested in. Some days are spent mostly on reading, while others may be science and art days.

By the time a 6 week session is over hopefully our children have had fun learning a variety of things. That really is the point isn’t it? To instill a love of learning for life.

Here’s my plan for our 1st grader:

MathHorizons Math and IXL Math at
SpellingAll About Spelling
Phonics & ReadingHorizons Phonics & Reading and many actual books
GrammarShurley English (I don’t use all aspects of this book, but I love the jingles)
Writing – weekly journal drawing along with a sentence to go with it and Easy Peasy at  (online lessons & videos)
Science Purposeful Design Science
Heritage Studies

Art & Music – various books, cds and online sources

Here’s my plan for our 3rd grader:

Math – Horizons Math and IXL Math at
Spelling – All About Spelling
Phonics Phonics Plus
ReadingBJU A&B Reading (I’m not overly fond of this book, but it was free)
Grammar – Easy Grammar
Writing Horizons Penmanship and weekly journal writing
Science Purposeful Design Science
Heritage Studies
Art & Music – various books, cds and online sources

3rdgradecurriculumSomething I try to keep in mind when making my curriculum choices is each child is unique.  Just because I used book A for our oldest child doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best book for our youngest.

Many of the books I’ve chosen for our son this year are unfamiliar to him and me.  I may get half-way through the first quarter and realize a particular book just isn’t going to work for us.

It’s difficult for me to change my plan once I have everything all set.  I mean, it’s my PLAN and I can’t deviate from it, right?  Well… if I said it more like, “It’s MY plan…” then it’s easier to see where the problems can come in.  Just because a particular book or curriculum works for ME doesn’t mean it works for my child’s learning style.  I find that I often need to remind myself of this along the way.

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