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Substitute Teacher – Courtesy of Dr. Suess

SneetchToday’s school lessons were going pretty typical until we started our Social Studies lesson.  Now to give a bit of background, we do different subjects in different parts of the house.  This is #1 for comfort, #2 to break up the monotony and #3 to allow the children to wiggle a bit for some lessons (which they do very well).  Since Social Studies is mostly a reading and oral discussion subject we usually do this lesson in my bedroom.

My son and I were snuggled all cozily on the king-size bed getting ready to start when my recently turned 4yr old brought in several stuffed animals (several = 6+ when it comes to little girls and stuffed animals).  She asked me which one I wanted, so without hesitation I chose the Sneetch.

SIDE NOTE:  If you’ve never heard of a Sneetch then you are really missing out.  Get the book The Sneetches by Dr. Suess from the library next time you’re out and about (it’s in the children’s section… in case you didn’t know).

Children with the Sneetch

Now that I held the Sneetch in my hand we began the lesson.  My husband knows me well enough by now to know that I can’t hold a stuffed animal for long without giving it voice and letting it “talk” to the children.  I’m a child at heart… and in the head too at times it seems.  Anyway, so very soon the “Sneetch” was talking and teaching the children.  They would tell him their answers and sometimes they were wrong, but that’s okay, everyone was learning and the Sneetch was a very good teacher.  We all had such a fun time learning that I may have the Sneetch substitute teach for me one or two lessons each week.


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