Report Cards

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While a report card isn’t a NEED for most homeschool families it sure has its benefits.

#1 Your children will have answers ready for the inevitable question of, “What did you make on your report card?”

#2 Local rewards for As!
Get a free doughnut at Krispy Kreme for each A (up to 6 for free). Get a free Happy Meal at select McDonald’s for straight As. Get a free game of laser tag at Lazer Zone for straight As. I’m sure there are other places that give rewards for As, but these are the ones I know of here in Mobile, AL.

Let Us Create a Report Card for You!

$5 initial set-up fee for your family
$2 per report card

Step #1: Simply fill out the Report Card form below.
Step #2: Pay for your report card(s) via Paypal, it’s quick and easy!
You will receive your custom report card via e-mail in .PDF format within 2-3 buisiness days.

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