Custom Documents

All documents are created in a .PDF format and sent via e-mail. No printer? See bottom of page for our printing options.

sample-report-card-smReport Cards

Custom report cards to fit your needs. In addition to being able to show their grades off to the grandparents, your children could earn local rewards for making As. In some areas children with As earn free doughnuts, free ice cream, or even a game of free laser tag.



sample-community-service-smCommunity Service Tracker (link coming soon)

List every community service or field trip your child goes on including location, duration, and more.
This document is great for high schoolers building their transcripts, plus it goes great with early job applications.




Looking for something not offered here? Simply send us an e-mail describing the document you are needing.

No printer? No problem!
We’ll print 2 copies of your document, tri-fold them and place in a business envelope, then mail them to you for only $2 (black & white copies) or $3 (color copies). All documents are shipped via first class USPS to the address you provide.


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