Curriculum Plans for the 2015 – 2016 Year

18 Jul

As August is quickly approaching I’ve been gathering our books and jotting down plans for the upcoming school year. Our oldest is starting 5th grade and has stayed on target or a little ahead of schedule in most subjects. Our youngest technically started 2nd grade in February (the joys of having a late birthday), but for ease of explaining what grade she’s in we’re considering her to be in 2nd grade this coming year.

5th grade booksFor our 5th grader:
Harcourt math (we’ve moved on from Horizons math since we needed better instructions on the “how” behind the math), IXL math (online), Khan Academy (online)
IXL language arts (online)
Easy Grammar 5
All About Spelling, Spelling City (online)
Literature K12 level 5 (this is our first time using this curriculum… we’ll see how it goes)
Writing K12 level 5
Music K12 level 5
Art K12 level 5
Vocabulary – Sylvan, Spelling City (online)
Reading Comprehension – Sylvan
Social Studies – unit studies
US History – public school book & online resources
Science – unit studies & ABeka Health grade 5

2ndgrade booksFor our 2nd grader:

Horizons Math grade 2, IXL math (online), Khan Academy (online)
IXL language arts (online), Daily Language Review
Shurley English 2 (grammar)
All About Spelling, Perfection Spelling
Horizons Phonics & Reading, Explode the Code
BJU Reading 3
Social Studies – unit studies & Famous Americans
Science – Lifepac, ABeka Health grade 3
Music & Art – assorted online resources




daily weekly assignmentsAs for when to do which subjects… that’s where the planning and organizing comes in. Obviously all of the subjects can’t be done on the same day. Otherwise we’d be doing lessons and school work for 8+ hours a day.

Subjects like math, reading, writing, and spelling are done daily, while grammar and science are twice a week. Music, art, and health are typically once a week subjects. I use a simple system of post-its on the books to keep track of which books are done which day while planning. Then I can list my plans in Evernote (or a notebook if I’m feeling old-school).

You’ll notice I like to use multiple resources for teaching some subjects. Some things, like IXL, are simply for practice, but not geared towards learning new concepts. Resources like Khan Academy and Spelling City are great for teaching, practicing what they learn, and then applying the knowledge in their book work.

So, this is my basic plan curriculum-wise. It may change a bit as we get past Christmas (things always seem to evolve as we go) but staying flexible is key. Hope your school year planning is going well.

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